How Halls Fine Art handles your data


Your questions answered

In January 2020, the Fifth Anti Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) came into effect covering the UK and all EU nations.  This was an enhancement of existing laws, designed to fight organised crime and the funding of terrorism.  As Art Market Practitioners, Halls handles valuable works of art and so is obliged to adhere to 5AMLD guidelines.  This includes due diligence on all our clients, both buyers and sellers, confirming their identity with recognised documents and monitoring transactions or groups of transactions amounting to 10,000 EUR (£8,600) or more.  We try to do this as sensitively and efficiently as possible while meeting our obligations.

Halls Fine Art uses a state-of-the-art dedicated database and auction management which also runs our website.  This is continually updated to ensure it is efficient and secure.  It is hosted on a Microsoft Azure server.  MS Azure is the safest and most secure data server with the highest levels of compliance in the world, over 1 billion USD invested in research and development and more than 3500 cyber security specialists employed round the clock.  It is used and trusted by Fortune 500 corporations, police services and hospitals.  You can be confident that your data is in very safe hands.

No.  Very simply, we do not give any of your data to any third parties.  Halls Fine Art retains your data within a separate, dedicated database that only we have access to.

Tell us immediately.  Either call the Fine Art team on +44 (0)1743 450700 or email

We can disable your account or reset your password for you to prevent it from being used by unauthorised people.  We can also view the audit log to see what activity has occurred on your account and rectify any issues for you.

Yes, of course.  We try to make sure our marketing is relevant and not too frequent, but the last thing we would wish is for unwanted mail to land in your inbox.  Every marketing email we send has an 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom.  All you need to do is click this and follow the on-screen instructions to stop receiving the emails.