Specialist returns to Southport where he discovered £150,000 vase

Specialist returns to Southport where he discovered £150,000 vase


An Asian art and European ceramics specialist who discovered a broken Chinese vase in Southport that sold for £150,000 at auction last month, is returning to the area next week on the trail of more treasures.

Alexander Clement from Halls, a leading regional auction house based in Shrewsbury, will be available on Tuesday, August 15 to make home visits to view collections and individual pieces in Southport and surrounding area where he has made several exciting discoveries in the past year.

Alexander Clement with the rare Chinese vase that sold for £150,000.

His latest discovery in the area was a 55cm high Chinese blue and white porcelain, bottle shaped vase that sold for £150,000 despite having significant damaged to its rim.

“It was a privilege to be able to sell something so incredibly rare,” he said. “The Asian buyer accommodated the damage because of its rarity and quality and gave it a really strong price.”

It was the latest high value Asian art piece sold by Halls who last year secured £155,000 for a rare 18th century Chinese cinnabar lacquer brush pot. Mr Clement is convinced that there are many more Asian art treasures waiting to be identified in homes across the UK.

“My advice to householders is to overlook nothing,” he said. “Don’t disregard the thing that is propping open the door, the thing that you put umbrellas in or the dusty relic in the attic. It could be worth a fortune even if it’s damaged, provided it’s rare enough.

“For example, the vase that we sold for £150,000 would have been worth between £500,000 and £1 million in perfect condition. It’s an exciting time to be selling the rarest pieces, which command high prices at auction.”

As a result of the impressive sale result, he has been contacted by the owners of other potentially exciting Asian art pieces across the UK who are seeking his professional expertise.

Mr Clement stressed that he will be happy to view and consign for sale antiques of all types during his visit to Southport and encouraged residents to make an appointment by contacting Halls on Tel: 01743 450700 or email alexander@hallsgb.com



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