Some humorous ‘Hints to Young Gardeners’ from PG Wodehouse…

Some humorous ‘Hints to Young Gardeners’ from PG Wodehouse…

‘Plum’ gives some advice to budding gardeners in an entry in an autograph book from 1908.

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  1. Do not cut worms in half.  It is better to have one big worm wriggling about than two small ones.
  2. Snails are fiercest in the Spring.  Take a shot-gun with you into the garden in April.
  3. Feed the dandelions regularly.
  4. Early morning, before the sun is up, is the best time for planting empty tins and broken bottles in a neighbour’s garden.
  5. Attack the slug.  He has no friends.
  6. A scarlet runner needs plenty of exercise.  Let it run where it likes.
  7. Buy a bee and grow your own honey.
  8. Do not keep taking up your bulbs to see if they are growing.
  9. The best way of telling a mushroom from a toadstool is to eat it.  If you turn blue, it is a toadstool.
  10. In cold weather keep the lid on the box hedge.


P.G. Wodehouse

August 31st 1908


Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1181-1975) was one of the most widely read English authors of the 20th century.


Please make it be known that the Halls Fine Art team do not agree with the statements or advice made by PG Wodehouse above but we all think that they are very funny nonetheless!





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