Sir Grayson Perry's 'Gentrification Cloth' For Sale

Sir Grayson Perry's 'Gentrification Cloth' For Sale

Sir Grayson Perry is one of the UK’s most celebrated and collectable contemporary artists.

Designed to raise money for the homeless charity Shelter, this eye-catching limited-edition is estimated to sell for £80-£120 in the current Modern and Contemporary Art auction at Halls


Sir Grayson Perry's 'Gentrification Cloth' For Sale


 Sir Grayson Perry has been a vocal advocate for using art to promote social and political change. He believes that art has the power to address issues and to raise awareness of important social issues. In 2016, the renowned contemporary artist and cultural icon, created a limited-edition lens cloth, named the 'Gentrification Cloth', in support of the homelessness charity Shelter.

The 'Gentrification Cloth' design reflects upon the impact of gentrification on a city's architecture, culture, and community. It focuses on the process of turning working-class neighbourhoods into trendy, hip districts, often featuring artisan coffee shops and luxury apartments.

The cloth was designed to raise awareness of how gentrification changes the face of an area, with rising prices often making it a struggle for locals to buy property, and contributing towards homelessness.

Speaking about the 'Gentrification Cloth', Sir Grayson Perry said: "Gentrification is a complex issue that affects many cities around the world. My aim with this piece is to raise awareness of the impact that gentrification has on communities and to support the important work that Shelter does in providing assistance to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness."

Abigail Molenaar who is the head of Modern and Contemporary Art at Halls advised that, ‘Sir Grayson Perry has become one of the most desirable names for collectors looking to invest in British contemporary art. The 'Gentrification Cloth' is a powerful piece of art that not only reflects on a significant social issue but also supports an important cause.’

This eye-catching limited-edition cloth is estimated to sell for £80-£120 in the current Modern and Contemporary Art auction at Halls Fine Art. Bidding for the cloth will close on the 7th of May.



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