Jingle Bells

Jeremy Lamond explains why the great thing about our Christmas auction is that it has so many opportunities to buy presents in good time for the festive season.


Jingle Bells….


The great thing about our Christmas auction is that it has so many opportunities to buy presents in good time for the festive season. There is jewellery galore, watches, wine, silver, sculpture, paintings and prints, porcelain and even antiquities! If you are feeling especially adventurous how about a beautiful mahogany telescopic action dining table (Lot 567), attributed to Gillows and ideal for pretty much all of your relatives to visit for Christmas dinner? We also have long sets of chairs (Lot 630) and short sets of chairs (Lot 595) so most can be accommodated for the family ‘get-together’. If however you are feeling grumpy after being up half the night wrapping the presents and peeling the potatoes, you will definitely need Lot 614, the Bedford Park style day bed and Lot 554 the Chateau Beauregard 1978 Pomerol. This latter is not just a bottle of wine, it is a methuselah, a six litre bottle so if it snows and you are ‘holed up’ for a few days, this will certainly keep you warm!




In recent years there has been an upsurge in interest in pet related treats and treatments, everything from pet psychology to stylists and grooming. In the 18th and 19th centuries, dog owners in particular were as attached to their animals as we are today. It comes as no surprise therefore that dogs had collars with the names of their owners inscribed upon them and also their own names. In this auction we are favoured with a private Cheshire collection of dog collars and this is an area which has good investment potential. Collars inscribed to the local hall or member of the aristocracy are keenly sought after and it is worth having a punt on the thirty or so lots offered here with Lots 483, 484, 485 and 492 being attractive and original examples of the genre.

If you have had too much Pomerol or not peeled the spuds, you may need to buy a love token to make up or just buy one anyway-for love. Lot 6 is a heart shaped scent bottle, a stocking filler and Victorian silver at its best. Or how about Lot 63, a Georg Jensen ‘peak’ bangle, very stylish and contemporary in any setting.


Lot 63




Whatever you decide upon in this auction of over six hundred lots we are always delighted to see you and wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year with your family and friends. Have a wonderful break from the mad rush of life, kick back and forget to wind up the clock. But don’t forget that our first sale of the New Year is Wednesday 9th January!


Merry Christmas!


Jeremy Lamond


Halls Fine Art



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