Entries Invited for First Timed Militaria Auction

Entries Invited for First Timed Militaria Auction

Timed Auction - Militaria including German Third Reich and Military Surplus -16th July - 1st August

Specialist Caroline Dennard is welcoming entries of militaria to the first timed auction for her department.  Here we look at some past highlights achieved.



World War flying helmet

A British Second World War brown leather Type C flying helmet with pair of goggles
the helmet named to F/Lt. Kennard, dated Feb ’42, the earphones with Air Ministry markings
the interior with chamois lining, complete with oxygen mask, microphone assembly and headphone connections (early model, with leather chinstraps)
*A cursory search finds a Hugh Charles Kennard (DFC) promoted to a Flight Lieutenant in 1941 and assisting in the formation of 121 Squadron. He was made Squadron Leader in early 1942 and was shot down and wounded in July of what year while participating in a bomber-escort mission. Despite that, he returned to flying, becoming a Squadron Leader in 1943 and finally relinquishing his commission in 1959.
Sold for £3,400



Chinese photograph album

 Militaria photograph album

An album of original photographs taken during the Revolutionary Foreign Concessions Period in China, circa 1911
black and white photographs, each individually captioned to front or verso, including scenes of Hankow City after the Bombardment, Rebel Forces, Imperial Troops, German, French and British Troops and Sailors, the Retreat from Hanyang after the Battle of Yangxia, Dead and Wounded, Russian Gunboat, War Junks Fleeing from Admiral Sah's Ships, Spies Awaiting Execution and others - contained within Bedouin photograph album (97 photographs)

Notes: These photographs were taken during a fascinating and exceptionally tumultuous period in Chinese history. Numerous cities were divided into "concession territories": through an agreement with the Qing dynasty. Japan, Britain, the US, and a number of European powers (France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Austria-Hungary) administered different sections of the city and strong fighting
between loyalist and rebels was still ongoing.
Sold for £5,500


Rapier 17th century

A mid 17th-century North European 'Pappenheimer' rapier
with long tapering blade, characteristic hilt with ribbed looping bars and a ribbed pommel, blade length 110cm, overall length 134cm, indistinct markings to ricasso of blade 'D.E.R*** above a tower or chimney to either side of the blade (missing wood to the grip)

The rapier was the principal civilian sidearm throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Designed for cut-and-thrust fencing of progressively complex techniques, the rapier is characterized by a double-edged blade with an acute point and an elaborate guard for the hand. The guards, usually of iron or steel, were subject to a variety of embellishment. They were engraved, chiseled, gilded, damascened, and encrusted in gold and silver in keeping with fashionable styles.
Sold for £2,500


12 bore side by side shotgun

Holland and Holland; 12 bore side by side ejector shotgun,
serial no. 26480, No 1, side lock, florally engraved, 28 ins barrels, walnut stock, extended 114cm overall SHOTGUN CERTIFICATE REQUIRED
Sold for £4,600


German Third Reich NSDAP Gau-level collar tabs

Twenty sets of German Third Reich NSDAP Gau-level collar tabs,
each of red velvet construction with dark burgundy piping and buckram backing, some retaining original RZM paper labels – comprising Arbeitsleiter, Bereitschaftleiter, Einsatzleiter, three Obergemeinschaftsleiter, Hauptgemeinschaftsleiter, Oberbereichsleighter, Absnhittsleiter, Anwärter (Party Member), Anwärter (Non-Party Member) two Ober-Dienstleiter, Ober-Abscnhittsleiter, Befehlsleiter, Hauptbereichsleiter, Hauptdienstleiter, Obereinsatzleiter, Oberarbeitsleiter and Bereichsleiter (40)
Sold for £2,400


Caroline will be accepting entries of militaria until Monday 5th July for her next auction.  Please get in touch with her to receive a free valuation and to discuss the auction process.



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