Bring back the brooch

Bring back the brooch

Jewellery Specialist Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley looks at the current trends within the market

As jewellery specialist at Halls fine art auctioneers in Shrewsbury I often get asked about current trends within the market and what’s selling well. There are of course some pieces and styles that never really go out of fashion, such as the striking geometric motifs of the Art Deco period, the delicate sinuous forms of the Art Nouveau movement or the always popular solitaire diamond ring.


It’s easy to pick numerous types of jewellery pieces, designers or eras that sell well, commanding fierce competition when offered on the open market, a much more challenging question though is when I’m asked what doesn’t make it onto everyone’s wish list.

There is of course no definitive answer, we all have different tastes; however, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told by clients that they’re selling a family brooch as they just ‘aren’t in fashion anymore’ or that they’ll happily wear granny’s old engagement ring but not her once treasured pin.

An 18ct gold Georg Jensen ‘Splash’ brooch, Halls Fine Art
An 18ct gold Georg Jensen ‘Splash’ brooch
Sold for £900
June 2021

Although not a personal opinion, I can’t dispute that as a general rule they do seem to be the least desirable pieces in vendors’ inherited jewellery boxes.  It’s difficult to know when this attitude to brooches started to gain momentum but for decades there seems to have been a reduced enthusiasm for brooches, pins and clips compared to rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Over the past year or two however I’ve noticed a gradual shift in regards to peoples opinions of brooches and there has certainly been an increase on social media and in pop culture of them being celebrated.

Lot 36 16/06/2021- An 18ct gold duck brooch by Boucheron, Halls Fine Art

An 18ct gold duck brooch by Boucheron
Sold for £1900
June 2021

Brooches and pins are a hugely diverse form of adornment. The volume of choice in relation to design, material, age, size and cost is vast. I can guarantee that there’s a brooch out there to suit every budget and style. Whether it be a novelty example of an animal, a quirky object, an abstract form, a simple gemstone cluster or a statement diamond set piece, a brooch can be used as the perfect accessory to express personal style. It’s also worth noting, that despite the historical fashion to do so, they don’t have to be worn on your coat lapel or top. Pinning them on a trouser pocket, a hat or even your handbag are great ways to customise your look and it’s something that can be achieved for a surprisingly small amount of money. Yes, you can of course spend thousands of pounds on a piece if you have the funds and desire, but there are so many silver, gold and precious stone set examples that can be picked up for les than £100 or even £50 pounds if you have the patience and time to look.

Lot 193 15/05/2024- An emerald and enamel brooch in the form of a fairground lion carousel, sold for £340

An emerald and enamel brooch in the form of a fairground lion carousel
Sold for £340
May 2024

Lot 34 16/06/2021- A diamond and blue enamel flower brooch by Boucheron

A diamond and blue enamel flower brooch by Boucheron
Sold for £6500
June 2021

Interest in the brooch and pin market is definitely growing and whether you’re looking to invest in a new piece of jewellery or thinking of selling in order to take advantage of this revival, Halls host regular auctions of jewellery and silver that always include an array of eclectic pieces.

Lot 322 25/10/2023- An early 20th century seed pearl brooch, Halls Fine Art

An early 20th century seed pearl brooch
Sold for £90
October 2023


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