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Militaria Auction Valuations & Sales

The Militaria Department at Halls Auctioneers offer auction valuations and sale price estimates of wartime memorabilia and collections of historical military items from all over the world.

Our militaria auctions feature a wide range of historic and antique military artefacts, including firearms, uniforms, helmets, badges, medals, and rare and unique military photographs, maps and documents.

Whether you are a historian, museum, institutional collector, or simply have an interest in military history, you are sure to find something of interest at our auctions.

With a commitment to providing excellent customer service, detailed catalog descriptions, and transparent bidding processes, we are your trusted source for buying and selling militaria. Covering a range of objects from the 18th century onwards, the department has achieved consistently high prices since its inception. 

Militaria Valuations & Appraisals At Halls

With Halls’ extensive experience in both the antique and military collectibles market, you can rely on us to offer a fair valuation and gain free advice on how best to market your items for sale.

The valuation process for militaria involves the following steps:

  • Identification: Determine the type of item and its historical significance, manufacturer, country of origin, and date of production.
  • Condition: Evaluate the condition of the item including any wear, damage, or restoration.
  • Rarity: Determine the rarity of the item based on its scarcity, historical significance, and demand among collectors.
  • Provenance: Research the history of ownership and authenticity of the item, including any documented history or previous sales.
  • Market Comparison: Compare the item to similar items sold at recent auctions or on online marketplaces to determine current market value.
  • Expert Opinion: Consult with a professional appraiser, historian, or dealer in the field to get an expert opinion on the value of the item.

These steps are used to determine a fair market value for militaria items and may vary depending on the type of item and its unique characteristics.

Upcoming Militaria Auctions At Halls

With Halls’ calendar of two dedicated auctions per year, the Militaria specialist department is a popular and thriving one.

Included in our upcoming medals and militaria auction are medals, medallions, cap badges, buttons, pictures, firearms and accessories including power flasks, photograph albums and ephemera, helmets and uniforms, edged weapons including swords, daggers and bayonets, tribal weapons, tools, antique firearms including pistols, long guns, crossbows and other archery weapons. 

When selling your military memorabilia at Halls, we  ensure items are thoroughly catalogued and researched, whether they are family heirlooms or treasures collected along the years.

Previous buyers at our auctions have ranged from the humble collector to regimental museums and institutions alike.

If you are a prospective seller of our militaria experts will be delighted to research and value your collection, free of charge, with no obligation for you to sell. Please contact Caroline or Derek to discuss consigning any such items, whether collections or single lots. 



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