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The Clocks and Works of Art Department has had a busy few years with some very strong results, particularly for clocks by well known makers. The E.V. Phillips Collection in 2012 saw a walnut and marquetry clock by Daniel Le Count, circa 1690 realize £16,500, an ebony veneered quarter repeating hour striking bracket clock by Simon de Carmes, London, circa 1695, £13,000 and a walnut and marquetry longcase clock by Joshua Allsop, London, circa 1695, £12,500. Buyers are looking for good original examples of the best names, Thomas Tompion, Edward East, George Graham as well as respected 19th century makers such as Frodsham and Dent. When the movements and casework are authentic, the prices can be very strong in the present market for the best examples of the genre. It is also worth remembering that for tax purposes, antique clocks are classed as a ‘wasting asset’ and are free of Capital Gains Tax making them a smart buy for investment purposes.


Works of art, a definition which covers sculpture, objects of virtu, bronzes, carvings, boxes, lap desks and table lighting, is also an area where prices are good for the right pieces. Franz Bergmann cold painted bronzes from the 19th century and Art Deco bronzes by names such as Ferdinand Preiss, Demeter Chiparus and Joseph Lorenzl are particularly sought after and prices for the latter three artists have been rising steadily.






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